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Fulfilment House

Fulfilment....a word which is well known in the industry but rarely spoken in the context we use by the general public.  Fulfilling an order can be almost anything from bulk packaging of palletised items onto a distributor, more commonly known as handling, or simply placing a lipstick in an Jiffy envelope. However a multitude of other tasks are encompassed by the process of fulfilment.

These are but not limited to, receiving an order by phone, out of hours Interactive voice recording systems, in the post, personal caller, email, on the Internet, on a clients web site, by fax, in  fact by any means. The processing of that order into a data capture system such as a computer is more than likely the first stage of fulfilment.  The computer will hold all the necessary information to enable the accurate fulfilment of that service or product to the end customer.

Supplier details are merged with consumer details, customers remittance is merged with banking channels to ensure payment, telephone data is merged with computer systems to produce information for the operator to process an order against the correct promotional fulfilment code these promotional fulfilment codes are usually put into national press and detailed reporting is produced to enable accounts of all transactions fulfilled, to be verified and audited, by clients, and inspectors alike. 

Once the second part of the fulfilment stage is undertaken, usually the banking and allocation, the despatching paperwork is produced and received in a fulfilment centres despatch warehouse to enable the pick and pack process to commence the final stage of fulfilment. 

The warehouse personnel select the appropriate packaging material which is either agreed at quote stage or it is specified by the fulfilment client to ensure that safe transit of the product being fulfilled to the end user, which is our customer.  Fulfilment comes into play well after the customer receives the goods the reason for this is they may have a query relating to their fulfilled order and need to call our fulfilments call centre. Or the goods may be needed to be returned for replacement if the product is faulty or or an exchange if another colour or type is require or simply fulfilled for a refund. 

Either way, professional and responsive fulfilment is key to a successful fulfilment business, the ability to have at ones fingertips all the order processing systems fully integrated to enable quick fulfilment and customer and client interface at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. If fulfilment was simply popping something into a Jiffy bag, then we'd all be doing it.  Fulfilment is a rather complex task encompassing many disciplines to enable what on the surface seems a simple task to be effected in a professional and speedy manner.

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